About Simon 

Visiting beautiful places lasts only a fleeting moment in time, capturing those moments can last forever. By partaking in a workshop with Simon Waldram, you will fast track the learning curve to take sensational photos of your own, all whilst experiencing some of the most scenic places on Earth chosen for these workshops. Simon Waldram has lived all over the world, as far south as Australia and as north as Iceland. He has used these experiences to hone his photography across a vast array of differing landscapes and conditions. Simon’s particular speciality, in Astro-photography, was fine tuned over a number of years living in Fuerteventura, a certified ‘dark island’ perfect for astrophotography. Being an award winning and globally published photographer, Simon brings experience right from choosing the right camera, scouting locations and framing shots through to post production edits and printing. So why not enjoy travelling to one of the many stunning locations on offer, whilst accelerating your photography learning experience at the same time. Not only will you make some immediate memories, but learn the skills to keep on capturing them over and over again.